Friday, August 23, 2013

Moving On

Things are meant to be left behind

You want them to disappear and cry

You cry for joy
You cry for love
and You cry because they are part of you, your life.

I haven't write in a long time, and don't intend to continue.
We shall see how it goes, but I guess, this is an epilogue for now.


Monday, August 6, 2012


new things are always challenging just because its an unknown;
but not all new things you will be able to face with excitement.
& this is one of them.
i might have regret what i chose now because i'm leaving my comfort zone;
 but i'm going to stick to it and see what happens,
just because there isnt a way for me to back out,
 or at least not one that will not cause damage to things/people around me.
Its time to get on my own feet and start the journey.
God please be with me and not forsake me,
I know You wouldn't.

Monday, July 9, 2012


i'm back from 6 months in UK, spending one month traveling in Europe.
Only went to 4 countries and 8 cities. but it was great experience and I thank God for that.

The dream of traveling in Europe when I'm 21 came true. There were so much that I wanted to say. but right now i don't know how to put them into words.

It has been eventful. Different kind of experiences. and I fell in love with places, and of course God's creation. I wish i knew more of Europe history before i went though. it's definitely more enjoyable if u know more beforehand.

I guess i just wanted to write something here to mark my 6 month journey. More private/personal things shall not be publicise. 

p/s: things may not be easier, but I pray that God gives me strength everyday to face challenges and draw closer to Him. Amen. 
If it's in God's will, it'll be it. 


is this for good?

I dont know.

It's complicated.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Dream Coming True

I've once said that I want to travel around Europe when I turn 21, and it remained something I talked about for 2-3 years. The subject came up in conversations but there wasn't any plan.

TODAY, i'm on exchange in Birmingham, traveled many cities around Britain, crossed country to Ireland and finally, have a first draft of plan to travel to a few Europe countries. My (and my friend's) plan may not be the perfect or cheapest route to go around, or i could have gone to more countries; but I'm glad to say that Thank you God for blessing me and giving me this opportunity to explore around and expand my horizons.

We've come out with a rough plan, going to a 4 countries and 9 cities in 23 days. I'm excited even though we've only booked our one way ticket that kick start our journey. The first time that I'll be backpacking and travelling without having a host at the places i'm going to go. This is exciting yet slightly intimidating/overwhelming. There are so many preparations to do. We still have to make adjustments/amendments according to the other group members and finalizing itinerary so that we can book our transportation. Afterwards there'll still be accommodation hunting and researching on places that we are going. As fun or as adventurous as it sounds, this isn't going to be the easiest thing to do.

But I pray that God will watch over us and protect us against all harms (physically and mentally), allow us to get along well, and pray that I may be a testimony for those I'm travelling with. I pray that God wisdom will be with us to go against all odds that may come in our way.

This is exciting! But right now, I'm going to keep this aside and prepare for another journey, which is going to start on Monday!

Thank you God. Thank you mum & dad (even though i know you won't see this).

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Reminder

A Note to Self:

I'm twenty-one. All these possibilities around me excites me, but also pressured me. I feel like I want to do so many things. but where do I put God now. I need to be reminded God has been so faithful in my life. He needs to be my centre. I think I know the direction I want to head, if I'm wrong, God, please help me to realise it sooner and correct me. If I'm right, God, please set my heart right and open doors for me like you always do.

In Jesus's name,


Friday, January 13, 2012

United Kingdom the Impromptu Trip

Edinburgh is a beautiful city.

I forgot what building is this. :( But it's so pretty. Too bad I didn't get to revisit the castles. 

Then, LINH CAME! haha. We went around Birmingham city centre, shopped for the necessities and she really did help my settling down in Birmingham easier. We went grocery shopping one night and had to carry what i thought was about 10kg of plastic bags back to where I live which is about 20-30mins of travelling time (including taking the train).

This is the view from Starbucks in Bullring, Birmingham.

We were chilling there, having a cuppa coffee and skyped wenxian! hah.

On the night Linh was supposed to leave, we went to this french pattisserie, Maison Mayci, on High Street (Harborne Road) in Birmingham. Their tarts are good, beautifully decorated too. About 2.60pounds for a palm-sized tart. This would cost about 8-9AUD in Adelaide.

Afterwards, when Linh was about to leave, I was looking at my timetable and wondering what will i do before going to Leeds in the afternoon as plan, suddenly i was wondering if i should go with linh! it was bout 6pm. Linh booked my ticket online and I packed in 5mins, left the hostel by 6.20pm, rushed to the train station (thank God no one was selling/checking ticket through the whole train journey which save us some time AND money), we dragged our hand luggage and ran to the coach station! 10mins to 7pm! We were 10mins early! SO! i'm In LEEDS NOW.

This was by far the most impromptu interstate trip decision i've made. It is fun, hilarious and exciting. I know it's a God-given opportunity for me to experience. I will look back at these memories one day and will be glad that i did it. I do this now, its called adventurous. If i do this in 10 years time, i'll most probably be called irresponsible.

So, this is only a small part of Leeds!

This is a nice city that I like. the Britz say this is a small city, i think they should visit Adelaide before defining what small means. :D alright, i still like Adelaide ok, just in a different way.

OH YEA! I went to Jamie's Italian (by Jamie Oliver) too! The food is good, but it's not "WOW" good. It's worth trying, because you know, it's Jamie Oliver. ;)